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About My Family and Cats

With my son and daughter

My Family

I am mother of three beautiful children, and our house contains 4 rescued cats, 4 Bengals, 2 bunnies, and one small fish accompanied by an algae eater. I work part time and currently attending Animal Behavior College (ABC) to become a Certified Cat Trainer. When I graduate ABC, I will be further available to offer valuable advice on matters regarding cat behaviors, nutrition, teaching, and ect. I have a profound love for felines and the Bengal breed that led me to one of my passions of raising them. My children also love felines and helping out animals and is which aspired to adopting 4 rescued furry feline friends as well

My Queens: Cassiopeia and Hope

My Cats

All my felines are spoiled daily by my children and self. They are very well socialized and even have a special playtime everyday. None of my cats are caged! They all see the licensed veterinarian regularly and all are tested negative for feline leukemia virus (FeLV), Aids (FIV), and Panleukopenia (FP). My kittens sold come with a health guarantee, are sold on contract, and as Pet only. 

My rescued cat, Tabby Joe, with My Bengal, Cassiopeia.

Bengals VS Domestic

Is a Bengal Right for your Family?

My experience between my Bengals and domestic cats may aid to help answer this question. 

  1. Are Bengals very active and hyper? I have two Kings that prove to be more hyper and active then my domestic cats. However, I have 2 queens that prove to be more active than my domestic cats but have a very calm demeanor.
  2. Do Bengals like to be held? Absolutely not in my experience. However, only one of my house cats likes to be held as well.
  3. Do you Bengals like to cuddle? By there own decision. I have 2 queens that love to cuddle and sleep on the bed when they so choose. My domestic cats; I have one very, very, big cuddlier and the rest cuddle when they so choose  just like my Bengals.
  4. Do Bengals like to play? Yes, my Bengals are extremely playful, more than my house cats.
  5. Do Bengals walk on leashes? I have a customer who walks all three of his outside and has an outside playpen for them as well. I talk to him occasionally and he states his do very well on leashes. I have never tried to walk any of my felines on leashes, so can only state what I have been told.
  6. Do Bengals require a lot of maintenance? Bengals have much higher energy than house cats. They need adequate playtime to release the energy or it may turn into unwanted behavior, which can include but not limited too: destroying furniture, lashing out at people and other pets, excessive vocalization, and marking territory. Suggestions to keeping your Bengal happy include but are not limited too: Ferris cat wheel from ZiggyDoo, cat toys that stimulate hunting prey, and taking walks outside safely on a proper leash.
  7. Do Bengals shed? Between my house cats that shed all the time, my Bengals really do not shed much. However, they do shed a lot when they are stressed, such as visits to the vet.
  8. Do Bengals get along with other felines and animals? I do not have dogs, but would reckon if a kitten was introduced to a dog it will learn to grow up with the dog. If an older feline was introduced to a dog , I could only imagine the situation and house would become very stressed and tense with fighting. However, all my felines get along great with each other for the most part. There are times when I do have to separate some of them for awhile though.

My Bengals

Cassiopeia with her second litter

Meet Cassiopeia!

She is my F2, Asian leopard cat/ Bengal (A.L.C./ Bengal) seal sepia queen that can have little snow leopards. She has a very calm and quiet demeanor. She loves being pet under her chin and behind her ears. She is always playful and loves sleeping right next to me, even under my blanket too! She is also a proud member of The International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.). All her kittens are registered with T.I.C.A. too.


Greetings from Hope!

She had a hard start at life from the breeders that I purchased her from and for that reason was named Hope. She is now flourishing and is the sweetest queen I have ever owned. She absolutely loves to cuddle. She is always on my bed either trying to be pet or lying right on top of me. She can be quite vocal and loves to play with laser beams and cat poles like toys. Due to the breeders I purchased from, she is still struggling to become a proud member of T.I.C.A. I hope her future litters will be able to be registered along with her.


Hello, I am Oliver (a.k.a. Butterscotch)!

I am a stud book tradition (S.B.T.) Bengal. I am a proud member of T.I.C.A. and have a championship pedigree that includes: grand championship, double grand championship, and international winner. I love to be pet and play. I have a lot of energy that needs to be directed in a positive way daily. I am also quite vocal if I get bored.

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